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According to the review, the company can boast a decent quality and affordable prices. However, if you need to deliver your assignment within a tough timeframe, you may need to look for another writing service, as writers tend to miss the deadlines. Another way out is to order your paper in advance leaving a couple of free days. These are only some basic issues. Let’s get closer to the details and see what FreshEssays can really offer when it comes to academic assistance.

Reputation on the Web

As soon as you get to the website, you will come across lots of different reviews and testimonials. 100% are positive, which looks a bit surprising, as no one is perfect actually. Moreover, some customers’ statements look a bit exaggerating. Some make think that those testimonials are fake. The company has its representation at Facebook with about 200 followers, which is not so bad for a writing service that only starts gaining its reputation on the web. Guarantees and Types of Services

The company promises to cope with a wide range of different services. Students can place their orders in case they need any of the following:

  • Articles;
  • Assignments of different type;
  • Case studies;
  • Business projects and plans;
  • Creative writing;
  • Coursework;
  • Dissertations and personal essays.

The selection of services is broad enough. You can also find some extra options in addition to a list of guarantees that includes:

  • Custom papers that are 100% plagiarism free;
  • Native-speaking writers;
  • Revisions and refunds.

Rates and Fees Review The rates are among the main benefits of the website. They seem rather affordable if compared with other services in the segment. It is always good to know what you are actually paying for. This is where Fresh Essays meets all necessary standards providing a clear price chart. Customers are free to choose from different academic levels that will affect the final cost. The starting price for a simple essay is $10 per page . If you require professional writing, you will have to be prepared to pay up to $113 per page. The timeframe also vary. You can place an order whether your deadline expires in 14 days or 3 hours .

Service Quality

Everything was fine with the content. It is not brilliant but also not bad. However, it was really hard for us to evaluate the writer as he was late for two days. This fact made a very bad impression. You may be the most talented and skillful academic writer. However, all your talents are useless in case you are not able to deliver your paper on time. To be 100% frank, the writer informed us about the delay and told he need more time to complete the task. The good thing is that we did not need any revisions.

Customer Support

Support managers are qualified and knowledgeable enough to provide generic and clear answers to your questions. They respond quickly. You do not have to wait for hours to get necessary information. Moreover, we were surprised to get a partial refund for a delay. This is a huge plus in favor of the service.

Extra Features can boast its own blog. It contains some typical paper samples, infographics and more things you may find rather handy. On the other hand, dedicated students and experienced essay writers should not expect to find something you. They provide general information on major writing issues.

5 thoughts on “ Review

  1. MysticalB:

    It was a big mistake to contact this website. They are not professional and are not able to deliver the order on time. I had to excuse myself a couple of times in the class and received an additional task to complete.

  2. MiracleSou:

    Support team of FreshEssays is a real disaster. It seems they don’t know a thing about the services the company provides. Moreover, they don’t answer on time, as indicated on the website.

  3. Bobby_N:

    Imagine how surprised I was to find out that my essay didn’t pass a plagiarism check of my professor! Although this option is available on the website and is made after the assignment is completed.

  4. IloveNY:

    I think that my third-grade brother could complete the essay better than their writers did. It is obvious that they are not fluent in English and don’t have any writing skills.

  5. Homeboy:

    The initial price for my order was much lower than it was, when it was completed. When I refused to pay, they blocked my account and I was late with delivering the essay.

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