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  • Discount: 10%
  • Deadline: 8 hours
  • Payment: Visa, MC, AE, PayPal is a company which provides essay writing services. The place of its location is North America. The website is often used by students who search for academic essays. Being based in America the service still works with customers from lots of different countries all over the world. The company claims to have only professional writers among their staff. They promise to help every student who is in search and need of the paper for his or her home assignment.  Even though, the logo of the company is: “Achieve with excellence” and they seem to do everything possible to provide their customers with works of a good quality, they still have some problems and shortcomings. If you want to know more about Reviews visit our website and leave your views on it.

Quality of the services provided by ReviewThe company has been working in online essay writing industry for more than 10 years. Such a long period of experience resulted into attracting quite big number of customers and loyal clients.  The special feature of the company is that they appreciate their reputation and do not give their customers any sample papers. The order is delivered to clients only after going through numerous cycles of checking and only when they ensure that the quality of the paper is satisfactory. So this approach shows that in most cases clients should be happy with the papers delivered by the company.

At the website you can order much more than simple writing services. will also be useful if you are looking for someone to edit, proof read and format any types of your papers. In other words they are trying to deal with most kinds of the academic activities.

Prices and cost of services:

Almost the most important thing for all the students is an affordable price in combination with a quality paper. That is why they always prefer online writing services with relatively low prices. So, one of the reasons of popularity is its cheap prices.

Cost of company’s services differ according to each type of work and the time limit given for its completion. They are of standard, premium and platinum quality. For one page of a paper of standard quality you will be charged from € 19.12 (for 10 days deadline) to € 46.93 (for 3 hours time limit). The work of one page of premium quality will be a little bit higher, beginning with € 20.85 (for 10 days deadline) and ending at € 48.67 (for 3 hours time limit). One page of platinum quality paper costs from € 23.46(for 10 days deadline) to € 53.02 (for 3 hours time limit).

Besty essay ReviewCompany tries to do everything possible to attract new customers and provide the returning of those who have once used their website. So, the affordable price is not the only attraction of, they also provide some kinds of guarantees for their clients.

When ordering the paper customers are always provided with a dropdown list with different options to choose. All the clients can select a desired product, urgency of its performing, education level and finally the estimation of the total cost.


Company policies: provides their customers with other different types of policies. Here every client will get a customer support service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is a personal manager who is eager to help and assist every new customer, though sometimes it is quite difficult to reach him in time. When writing an essay paper company’s writers use only reliable and credible sources. Their products are also usually plagiarism free. The company guarantees free revision and refunds to unsatisfied customers.

6 thoughts on “ Review

  1. LucyCute:

    Am I the only one that got ripped off? I calculated the price of my order and it was around $100 however when I filled the form and was going to pay I saw a price much higher. Can’t do anything about it.

  2. Ricks:

    They say that they check all papers for plagiarism. Did they forget to check mine? I just decided to double check it with a random anti-plagiarism tool on the internet and I scored 70%. I don’t know what my professor will say about it.

  3. Sunlight123:

    Unfortunately, most of what I asked my writer to do hasn’t been done. My requirements were ignored so I got a really poor quality paper. I don’t even want them to revise it. I better look for another service.

  4. David Stevens:

    My piece of advice is to choose a service by feedbacks. I received my essay yesterday and I didn’t even check it as long as the managers told me it will be excellent. Today my teacher asked me to rewrite a paper because it was plagiarized.

  5. Mia12:

    OMG! I have no idea who works at this service but what they say about themselves is not true. I got my research paper today but it is only a beginning of a hard work. The paper is full of mistakes that even I can spot.

  6. Alex D.:

    This service screams about low prices and discounts. They say that an essay cost around $10 per page but when I ordered a paper I found that I have to pay much more. I was waiting for them to help me with this issue but they ignored it.

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